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New Accuphase models, DP-430 CD Player & A-250 Class-A Mono-Block Amplifier

dp 430 front face diagonally left ref

DP-430 CD Player / DSD DAC

dp 430 birds eye view diagonally right open

Designed with owners of large CD collections in-mind, the DP-430 features an Accuphase developed high-rigidity, high-precision drive optimized for CD reproduction, along with a super-quiet and smooth disc loading mechanism ensure pure signal readout of the highest order. The separately housed processor section features an MDS type D/A converter utilizing four DAC chips driven in parallel, the filter amplifier features the newly developed ANCC (Accuphase Noise and Distortion Cancelling Circuit).

Adding flexibility for users with other digital sources the DP-430 includes optical and coaxial digital inputs plus a USB input capable of decoding PCM 384kHz/32bit and DSD 11.2896MHz/1bit.

Quality construction and highly advanced digital technology fully reveal the potential of the CD medium and provide a listening experience that opens up new emotional depths even with familiar music sources.


A-250 Reference Class-A Mono-Block Amplifier 

a 250 5 copy

Pure Class A operation which delivers 100W of quality power into 8Ω (over 1kW into 1Ω) with 20 MOS-FET's in a parallel push-pull arrangement. The A-250 has the best low-noise performance and the highest damping factor ever seen in an Accuphase amplifier. The A-250 begins shipping around the middle of June.