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Refreshed Sonus faber Homage range

Sonus faber Guarneri wide

First introduced 30 years ago, the Homage range was the first series by Sonus faber to utilise the Lute shape which is now common across many models in the Sonus faber lineup. The Guarneri stand-mount and Amati floorstanding models are now in their 5th generation with the mid-sized Serafino in its 2nd generation.

The Amati, Serafino and Guarneri make up the third generation of the Homage range, with the Vox centre speaker to be added soon.


The Amati will bring presence to any room, both physically and sonically. Thanks to new technologies, Amati offers a balanced sound with breathtaking details that perfectly match the elegance of its design.

Higher frequencies benefit from new DAD tweeters which give better reproduction thanks to improved damping characteristics. Mid and lower ranges also receive improvements with ultra-lightweight voice calls, improving speed as well as power and heat management. 

Sonus faber Amati wide2


The second generation Serafino brings a pristine and powerful sound thanks to Sonus faber Intono technology. The internal structure of the cabinet reduces the acoustic pressure generated by certain frequencies, removing any colouration from the midrange.

Stealth Ultraflex is an innovation that improves the air flow from the speaker ducts and works in combination with the Phase Plug to optimise air movement around the driver. The result is a smoother frequency response with higher levels of clarity both on and off axis.

Sonus faber Serafino wide


Guarneri features a new midwoofer that reduces resonance and offers rich acoustic details. The new crossover technology also reduces background noise, handles high power levels and delivers three-dimensional sound worthy of a live performance.

Sonus faber Guarneri wide