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Monitor Audio Platinum 3G range

Monitor Audio Platinum 3G wide

The newly updated Platinum 3G range from Monitor Audio includes a comprehensive selection of speakers that cater to any listener's needs. From floorstanding speakers that deliver powerful, room-filling sound to bookshelf speakers that offer a more compact form factor without compromising on audio quality, the Platinum 3G range has it all.

The Monitor Audio Platinum 3G series is an outstanding choice for anyone who wants the best possible audio experience. With a variety of speakers that cater to any listener's needs, cutting-edge technology, and stunning design, these speakers are sure to impress even the most discerning audiophile.

Platinum 100 3G

The Platinum 100 3G has been significantly improved over the previous generation, and sound is presented with a purity and precision that makes for an astoundingly engaging experience. The speaker also includes mount points for the Platinum Series Stand and the forthcoming universal stand, which will be available soon.

Monitor Audio Platinum 100 3G wide

Platinum 200 3G

the Platinum 200 3G is a capable of providing an exceptionally large soundstage from a relatively diminutive form. The new MPD III transducer and RDT III mid-range and bass driver cones have refined the overall balance of the speaker and reduced distortion, while also allowing it to deliver an exceptional room-filling performance.

Monitor Audio Platinum 200 3G wide

Platinum 300 3G

The Platinum 300 3G, the flagship of the Platinum Series, represents the absolute pinnacle of what is achievable at its price-point in terms of both performance and design. The combination of the innovative new MPD III transducer and the RDT III mid-range and bass driver cones, allows the speaker to deliver exceptional scale and depth. With a totally immersive soundstage and believably lifelike performance, 300 3G’s presentation of music and film is astonishing.

Monitor Audio Platinum 300 3G wide