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Accuphase E-4000 Integrated Amplifier

Accuphase E 4000 integrated amplifier

Accuphase have raised the bar yet again with the just released E-4000. A number of improvements have been made in several key areas that add up to an amplifier that provides power and control in spades. A strong power supply includes a specially made toroidal transformer and produces 180W of power (8Ω); Perfectly suited to driving virtually any size loudspeaker. An improved damping factor ensures that those speakers will be under total control at all times, delivering a vivid sound overflowing with energy.

Accuphase E 4000 integrated amplifier front


The E-4000 features the AAVA volume control system, which is one of the 'secret sauces' that go into making Accuphase amplifiers some of the very best. This combined with the addition of ANCC (Accuphase Noise cancelling Circuit) and some internal reconfiguring means there is a 20% reduction in noise levels.